• Mountain Palace

  • Missouri River Breaks

  • Fishing in Great Falls

  • Rivers Edge Trail

  • Chinese Wall

  • Kayaking

  • Genuine Montana Brochure

  • Giant Springs

  • Upland Bird Hunting

  • Glacier National Park

  • First Peoples Buffalo Jump

  • Some of the most breathtaking views in North America
  • Missouri River Breaks
  • A successful catch near Great Falls
  • Bicycling Great Falls' Rivers Edge Trail near Black Eagle Falls
  • The Chinese Wall in "The Bob"
  • An afternoon of Kayaking near Great Falls
  • Click here to download Genuine Montana Brochure
  • Create family memories at Giant Springs State Park
  • Upland Bird Hunting outside of Great Falls
  • Glacier National Park
  • Enjoy scenic views at First Peoples Buffalo Jump
ATV Trails

ATV Trails

ATV Trails in Montana

A number of trails in the Lewis and Clark National Forest are open to ATV’s and motorcycles. Rides range from flat forest roads accessing scenic ridge tops to rugged and rambling trails through stream beds and over rocks. Other trails in the area offer access to abandoned mines and historic cabins. Regardless of which trail you choose, one thing is for certain, Genuine Montana offers some of the best scenic rides to be found anywhere.

Trails & Maps

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