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  • Missouri River Breaks
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  • Glacier National Park
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  • Enjoy scenic views at First Peoples Buffalo Jump
Upland Bird Hunting


It stands to reason that a region as wild as Genuine Montana would have great hunting and those sportsmen lucky enough to visit Central Montana will not soon forget it.  The plains stretching east and north of Great Falls offer some of the finest antelope, deer and upland bird hunting in the west.  Elk, bighorn sheep, bear and mountain lion are all plentiful in the Rocky Mountain Front to the west or in the Little Belt and Big Belt ranges to the east.  The variation in local terrain makes Central Montana popular with all types of sportsmen and during portions of the season it’s possible to combine big game and upland bird into one trip.

Unlike other western hunting destinations, Central Montana’s low population density and plentitude of remote areas create the perfect environment for an epic hunt unlike any other destination in the lower 48 states.  Because of the expansiveness of the wilderness areas, guided hunts are the best way to ensure success.  Local accommodations range from luxurious guest ranch cabins to base camping from a mule train.  Pack the camera, the only thing more impressive than the game is the scenery. 

Hunting Outfitters

A Lazy H Outfitters | 406-466-5564 | http://www.alazyh.com/ 

Avalanche Basin | 406-547-3962 | http://www.avalancheoutfitters.com/ 

Bear Paw Mountain | 406-386-2256 | http://bearpawhunts.com/ 

Beaver Creek Outfitters | 406-366-2112 | http://www.beavercreekoutfitting.com/site/ 

Borderline Outfitters | 406-379-2661 | http://www.borderlineoutfitters.com 

Camp Baker Outfitters | 406-547-2173

Central Montana Outfitters | 406-781-9061 | http://www.centralmontanaoutfitters.com/ 

Chase Hill Outfitters | 406-386-2447 | http://www.chasehill.com/ 

DeBoo’s Ranch Adventures | 406-472-3344

Deep Creek Outfitters | 406-866-3316 | http://www.deepcreekoutfitters.com/ 

DL Elk Outfitters, Inc.  | 406-468-2642 | http://www.comehunt.com/?site=dl&page=montana_hunts 

Flatwillow Creek Outfitter | 406-429-5601

Ford Creek Outfiters & Dude Ranch | 406-562-3672 | http://fordcreek.com/2012/index.html 

Fort Musselshell Outfitters | 406-670-2629 | http://www.fortmusselshell.com/ 

God’s Country Outfitters | 406-362-3070 | http://www.godscountryoutfitters.com/ 

Homestead Ranch | 406-466-5775 | http://www.homesteadranch.com/ 

Howard Zehntner Hunting | 406-547-3483

JJJ Wilderness Ranch | 406-562-3653 | http://www.jjjranch.com/ 

K Lazy Outfitters | 406-932-6793 | http://klazy3.com/ 

Klicks K Bar L Ranch | 406-562-3551 | http://kbarlranch.com/ 

Knox Ranch, Whiskey Ridge Outfitters | 406-462-5525

L.S. Adventures | 406-357-3459

Mark Young Outfitters | 406-562-3250 | http://www.markyoungoutfitters.com/?p=maps 

M&E Outfitters | 406-462-5329

McFarland White Ranch | 406-632-4868 | http://www.mcfarlandwhiteranch.com/ 

Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana | 406-562-3576 | http://www.millswildernessadventures.com/ 

Missouri Riverside Outfitters & Lodge | 406-468-9385 | http://missouririverside.com/ 

Montana Safaris | 406-466-2004 | http://www.montanasafaris.com/ 

Northern Edge | 406-570-8646

Pigeye Outfitters | 406-423-5332 | http://www.pigeye.com/ 

Sage Safaris LLC | 406-219-4025 | http://www.sagesafaris.com/ 

Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters | 406-622-3210 | http://www.scapegoatwildernessoutfitters.com/ 

Scenic Valley Outfitters | 406-468-9328 | http://scenicvalleylodge.com/ 

Seven Lazy P Ranch | 406-466-2044 | http://sevenlazyp.com/ 

Sun Canyon Lodge & Outfitting | 406-562-3654 | http://www.suncanyonlodge.com/

Tri Mountain Outfitters | 406-547-2177 | http://trimt.com/ 





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