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River’s Edge Trail

With more than 48 miles of trail along the historic Missouri River, the award winning River’s Edge Trail is the perfect setting for biking, walking, skating or jogging. 

Extensive paved urban trails link with parks, museums, waterfalls, riverfront attractions and downtown Great Falls.  Look down at panoramic view of the city through a free telescope at the Warden Park Gazebo or look up at a waterfall from Black Eagle Memorial Island.  Whether you are looking for a place to run, ride, have a picnic, catch a fish, or just get away from it all for an hour, River’s Edge Trail is the place to go.  There are plenty of trailheads, benches, shelters, rest rooms, interpretive panels and fantastic views. The paved portions of River’s Edge Trail are all wheelchair accessible and provide great views of the city, the river and native birds and wildlife. 

Some of the best mountain biking in Montana begins near the east end of the paved south shore River’s Edge Trail above Rainbow Falls.  Named Mayhem, the exciting single track trails hug the rugged canyon walls along the reservoirs and wind through the native bluffs.  Many of the trails and loops were built to IMBA standards by the local bicycle club.  Most anyone can hike or bike these trails along Cochrane, Ryan and Morony Reservoirs all the way to the waterfall at Box Elder Creek.  Technical trails for advanced riders are well marked.  There are great views of the surrounding mountains, reservoirs and the Great Falls of the Missouri below Ryan Dam.

Best of all, your adventure on River’s Edge Trail is free. Visit the River’s Edge Trail web site at www.thetrail.org to view or download a map of our trail system or take a virtual Everytrail journey along it.  You can pick up a free printed copy of the River’s Edge Trail map at the Visitor’s Center, local bike stores or the Park & Recreation Department on River Drive, Giant Springs State Park Visitor Center or Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.

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