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C.M Russell Museum

With the most complete collection of Charles M. Russell art and memorabilia in the world, the C.M. Russell Museum is a treasure trove of history and art, drawing visitors and acclaim world-wide. The museum has some 2,000 Russell works of art and artifacts in its permanent collection, as well as an impressive Browning firearms collection and artworks of O.C. Seltzer, Gary Schildt, and other Western artists. 

Be sure to explore the unique exhibition, “The Bison: American Icon, Heart of the Plains Indian Culture.”  This thundering buffalo diorama shakes as you walk over it, bringing you face-to-face with this giant of the plains.  Also on display is the original back bar from the famous Mint Saloon, where Russell and and his friends spent many an hour in Great Falls’ early days.  The Museum Store features unique gifts and a large selection of Russell reproductions. 

Right beside the museum is Russell’s log art studio, built of red cedar telephone poles in 1903.  Walk inside and experience a time when the West was young, and Charlie’s paints and easel sat waiting for his touch.  Not to be missed at the museum complex is the Russell home, built for $800 in 1900.  Nancy Russell, Charlie’s wife, supervised its construction and furnished the home with the best furnishings of the day.  Both the home and the studio are nationally designated historic sites.

C.M. Russell Museum
400 13th Street North | Great Falls, Montana
406-727-8787 | www.cmrussell.org

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