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Morrell Falls (6.9 miles Roundtrip, Easy)

Morrell Falls is a longer but easy hiking, gaining less than 500 feet of elevation. The trail ends at a spectacular 90-foot double falls. The resulting creek is a great place for kids to explore and skip rocks. In addition, hikers will also pass a large scenic pond about a half-mile before the falls that offers fishing and swimming opportunities. This trail offers excellent huckleberry picking in season.

Take Highway 83 north from Seeley Lake for only .5 miles. Turn right onto Morrell Creek Road #477. Travel 1.1 miles to a left on West Morrell Road #4353. Look for Pyramid Pass Road #4381 after six miles and turn right. Turn left on Morrell Falls Road #4364 and continue for 1 mile to parking.

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Morrell Falls