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Muddy Creek Falls 5 Miles Moderate

Quite possibly the finest day hike on the Rocky Mountain Front! Everything that makes the Rocky Mountain Front a national treasure-and every management debacle that has threatened it-is apparent here. This walk kicks off from the Old North Trail country and travels a mile down an old gas development road. The next mile will be off-trail and includes some rock hopping up the stream bed, through a Utah-like canyon to the pristine falls for lunch. On the way you will view a formerly proposed well site deep in the canyon and wander through the largest oldgrowth Douglas fir forest this side of the Divide.

This trailhead is the hardest one on the Front to find. Go to Bynum, turn left in front of the old grocery store, in one block swing to the right to pass in front of the school house, then follow that road to the gate to the blackleaf approximately 15-17 miles. Just before the gate, turn left and go 1.3 miles, then turn right .3 miles, and where the road makes a 90 degree turn to the left, drive straight ahead off the road onto a two-track. You will come to a gate in about 100 yards and it is OK to open it. Follow the two track about 2.5 miles to where the road splits, take the left split 100-200 yards to the gate and park. Follow the two track (which at this point is also the Old North Trail) for just a bit and when it turns up canyon, follow it.

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Muddy Creek Falls