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Swiftcurrent Trail to Redrock Falls or Bullhead Lake (3.6 Miles Roundtrip, Easy) or (6.8 miles Roundtrip, Easy)

With an elevation gain of only 100 feet, this is an excellent hike for younger children. This trail is also at lower elevation and is clear of snow before many of the parks trails. This trail departs near the end of the road by the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. The trail stays along the valley floor and is shaded the entire way. Shortly after departing, hikers will see Fishercap Lake to the left. Early in the morning, moose can be present near these lakes. In another half mile, Redrock Lake can be seen to the left. This lake is more scenic than the first. At 1.8 miles, the trail reaches thundering Redrock Falls. If your legs are up to it, follow the trail another flat 1.6 miles and reach Bullhead Lake. This is a beautiful and large alpine lake with a large snow ridge as a backdrop.

The Swiftcurrent Motor Inn can be reached via the Many Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park near the town of Babb, MT. Follow the entry road to the end to reach the Inn. A restaurant and store along with public bathrooms are located at the trailhead.

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Red Rock Falls